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Positive SSL
$14.99/ Yearly
Suitable for personal websites, blogs, and simple websites.
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Instant SSL
$25.99/ Yearly
Suitable for commercial sites that requires users' data.
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Essential SSL
$32.99/ Yearly
Suitable for personal sites, blogs and non-commercial sites
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Positive SSL Multi-domain
$38.99/ Yearly
Suitable for multi-domain business websites. (Includes three domains).
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$97.99/ Yearly
Suitable for large projects, stores and company websites.
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What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL Certificate acts as a third party to assure the security of your website. Whereas, obtaining this certificate adds an additional layer of protection for the data of your visitors, or the so-called Secure Socket Layer, which is originally an acronym for the word SSL. Also, obtaining this certificate is essential for any company that collects information from its users.

SSL certificates provide different levels of security, depending on the level of protection and the security features that your website and its users need. Obtaining this certificate for your site adds several features, some of which are visible, such as changing the website link to a link that starts with HTTPS://, the appearance of a green lock icon next to your website links, and many other invisible features that we have covered in the above section.

No matter what level of security you choose, users will realize that your site is safe, and this in turn will increase your visitors' confidence in your brand or the services you offer.

What is the benefit of obtaining an SSL certificate?

Obtaining an SSL certificate for your site adds several important features, such as:

Protect sensitive data
Activate HTTPS and lock next to your links
Compliance with PCI standards
Proof of website credibility
Boosting your brand
Increase your site's SEO advantage

What will you get when purchasing an SSL certificate from our website?

Every SSL subscription issued from GRE will bring you the following great features.

High encryption level

The level of security that an SSL certificate provides is determined by the number of "bits" used to generate the encryption key. Then this key is used to encrypt the data. Most of our SSL certificates use either 256-bit or 128-bit encryption, depending on the capabilities of your web browser and server. Both 256 bits and 128 bits are a strong data protection standard.

Technical Support

Our support team is highly experienced in all areas that we offer, including SSL certificates. Where you can contact the support team whenever you want, in order to inquire about how to purchase your own certificate or to help you in installing or preparing it.

Support all browsers

These SSL certificates are carefully choosen by GRE experts to ensure they are compatible with all types of browsers. Our certificates are supported by all types of popular browsers, which means whatever type of browser you have and which browser your visitors are using, the SSL certificate we provide will be recognized without facing any problems.

SSL Trust Seal

It is a visual seal for your website, which you get when you purchase an SSL certificate. In fact, many website owners and managers buy an SSL certificate in order to obtain this seal. The shape of this stamp varies depending on the type of certificate issued, but all of them give the same meaning: "This site is protected with an SSL certificate."