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One of the largest companies that provide technical services, such as websites and mobile applications development, maintenance services, and some other services such as SSL certificates and domain registration.

Our Services

Programming and web development
GRE Programming & Development is one of the leading companies in the field of software and web design services for companies, institutions and individuals.
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Mobile Apps Development
GRE offers design and programming of smart phone applications with high efficiency on all known systems such as Android, IOS and Windows Phone.
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Secure Websites & Servers
We also provide the protection of sites, servers, mobile apps and systems services, which includes the scanning and patching of security vulnerabilities that cause distortion of the project, our first goal is to provide maximum protection for our customers.
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Repairing Services
GRE for programming and development provides services for the maintenance of sites, servers, applications and systems of all kinds, where this service includes the repair of errors and problems and increase the efficiency of the project from several aspects.
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The ability to reserve domains from your account on the site and take advantage of the monthly offers we offer in this field. Whereas after your purchase you will have complete control over your domain.
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SSL Certificates
We provide SSL certificates that are recognized by all browsers and trusted, which helps you to boost the confidence of your customers and your site visitors. With exclusive offers for our customers, we make them monthly.
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IP Geolocation
We also have IP Geolocation service, through which you can learn more details about your website visitors such as country, region, city, currency, language and many more details.
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Proxy API
We also provide customized services for developers who need to check if the visitors are connected to Proxy, Socks or VPN through a simple API that is provided to them in order to facilitate their needs.
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Telegram Bots
We also offer a professional and high quality Telegram Bots programming service. Examples include: Auto responding to customers, answering your FAQs, sending notifications, and many more.
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Why GRE is our best choice?

Our primary goal is the interest of our customers, so we continue to make every effort to provide many offers that distinguish us from others, which include:

  • Check Icon SVGSafe and error-free apps
  • Check Icon SVGWe plan your project before starting to ensure its success
  • Check Icon SVGTechnical support for a period of six months after the delivery of the project
  • Check Icon SVGAll the domains, certificates, and maintenance you need in one place
  • Check Icon SVGCredibility, seriousness in work, and on time delivery
  • Check Icon SVGAffordable and competitive prices to the market and with higher quality
  • Check Icon SVGMultiple payment methods for everyone


We are a group of technical experts, gathered to provide our services at competitive prices and with higher quality. Where we developed and created many programs that helped their owners to perform their tasks easier, faster and more efficiently. We are working on the latest and most reliable technology to ensure great competition for our customers.

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New ideas need to be implemented quickly as our entrepreneurs race to invest every creative idea and turn it into a successful project. GRE has the experience and creativity to implement the ideas of its customers to enter the competition with the best successful projects.