Refund Policy

Thank you for purchasing one of our services. We hope that you will be happy to do business with us by purchasing one of our services. In the event that you are not happy with your purchase of a service for any reason, you can submit a return request according to the conditions set forth below.

* Please note that not all of our services are returnable.

Return period

In general, apart from products that are excluded from the return process, you must submit a return request within seven (7) days from the day the invoice was issued.

Return process

You can submit a return request by sending an email to our Customer Service Center at the following address: [email protected] which includes:

  1. Your order number; And

  2. A copy of the invoice payment.

The process of responding to the request may take a maximum of three (3) days, and this response will include information regarding your request whether it has been approved or not (based on the conditions described below according to each service), and if it is approved, access to the service will be withdrawn. That you have requested a full refund (you will not be able to manage / control the service that you requested to return) and start the process of returning the amount according to the principles agreed upon in this return policy page. The refund process may take up to fourteen (14) days from the date of submitting your refund request. It may take 1-2 business days for funds to appear on your card (duration depends on the card provider).

1. Programming, Development, designing and maintaining websites and mobile applications services

You can cancel the process at any time you like, but you cannot refund the amount that was paid (the first and second payments), because your sending the first payment (or any amount related to this service) is your absolute acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of GRE Development LTD, in which this condition was mentioned in Article 3 (3) of the section "Terms and conditions for programming, design and maintenance services".

2. Domains reservation, renewal and transfer services

As for the reservation and renewal, you can cancel it, but you cannot get your money back because the reservation and renewal process is an immediate process in which your request is executed upon completion of the payment process. While the domain transfer process, you can request to retract and return the amount, but provided that the status of the request is not "approved."

* Note: When a request is made to transfer one of your domains, the request will be reviewed and audited by the company’s employees and then its status will be determined. After approval by the company’s staff, the status of the request will appear as “Approved” and this is the case that we intended to clarify in the previous paragraph.

3. Design, video editing and montage services

You can cancel it, but without refunding the amount on which the staff began to work.

4. Services for reservation and renewal of SSL Certificates

You can abandon the service, but it is not possible to return the money because this process is one of the immediate operations that is executed as soon as you pay the amount.

Last update: 23 November 2020